Our proactive approach keeps your freight on time and claim free! We are truckers, so we know how to take care of our own kind. Carrier relationships give us leverage when pricing and help us to pass those savings on to you. Our extensive carrier background checks and our per load check list, keep your freight on the road and on time! We partner with carriers that truly appreciate the longevity of a successful business relationship and understand customer care.
  • Company started in April of 2014. Currently run a variety of OTR and short-haul routes.
  • We own several dry vans and mostly lease/hire the trucks. We are in the process of purchasing day cabs for our customers' local runs.
  • Our driver-force is a mix of single and tandem owner/operators and lessors.
  • Our CR-based team works hard to find loads and match them up to available drivers and geographic locations.
  • 2015 was a good year for AFCS. We did over $1.5m in business.
  • Competition in the industry is tough but independent businesses like ourselves are able to flex when the need arises to move to greener pastures.


    AFCS Integrity - Day in and day out, we stay the same. We don't change our tune. We judge our services by the last load we delivered. By looking for problems and issues with loads, we stay in front of them.
  • For drivers, we pay more per mile than many of our competitors, which allows us to be more selective about who we hire.
  • For shippers, we adhere to higher standards for courtesy, reliability, and cost-conscious practices. That means timely delivery with fewer hassles and increased profits.